Marc Aikon


With a Political Science degree from Princeton in hand, a young Marc Blinder set out to work as a political operative for local Bay Area campaigns. When he became disillusioned by a broken political system, Blinder looked to San Francisco’s thriving tech scene to forge a path for change.

He designed a mobile social network called MobilePlay (which he sold to Good Technology) and became Creative Director at Context Optional before jumping into the role of global evangelist for Adobe’s Marketing Cloud. As his work took him from London to Dubai and beyond, Blinder sought opportunities to connect his technological prowess and creative talent with his mission to make an impact.

Looking to decentralization to further his passion for social change, Blinder recently co-founded AIKON, a blockchain-based platform that empowers developers to build a more fair and equal global economy. As Chief Product Officer of AIKON, Blinder is building the the future he always imagined.