Sandhya Anantharaman

Data Scientist, Universal Income Project

Todd Carlisle

VP of People, ipsy

Sarah Hinawi

Founder, GELL Gig Economy Learning & Leadership

Lisa Skeete Tatum

CEO, Landit

Barbara Annis

CEO, Gender Intelligence Group

Dean Carter

VP HR & Shared Resources, Patagonia

Krisztina "Z" Holly

Founder, MAKE IT IN LA

Jonah Stillman

Gen Z Advocate

Marc Blinder

Chief Product Officer, AIKON

Caitlin Crosby

Founder, The Giving Keys

Chris Jarvis

Co-Founder, Realized Worth

Chang Xu

Associate, Upfront Ventures

Joanna Bloor

Joanna Bloor

CEO, The Amplify Lab & TEDxLA MC

Keith Ferrazzi

Founder, Ferrazzi Greenlight

Jenny Sauer-Klein

Founder & Director, The Culture Conference